Wisdom Tooth Extraction Singapore: When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

The teeth that line the very back of your mouth are called molars. They’re typically the last teeth to emerge, and they usually do so after age 17.

These teeth support a lot of weight because nearby jawbones may not be dense enough to handle a large load. As a basic rule, your dentist at Smilepoint Dental Holland Village – Wisdom Tooth Extraction/Removal | Dental Implants may not recommend wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore if;

  • The wisdom tooth does not cause any pain: The first question to ask your dentist is, “do my wisdom teeth hurt me?” If your wisdom teeth don’t come with any pain, then it may not be necessary to remove them.
  • The wisdom teeth are functional: If the teeth can be used effectively for chewing and breaking down food particles appropriately, there’s no need to extract them. Simple orthodontic treatment to better align tooth structure or orthodontics may accomplish this goal instead of removing the teeth altogether.
  • They’re properly aligned with the surrounding jawbone: Your general dentist should be able to check if your wisdom teeth are coming in straight by looking at X-rays taken during a routine exam. Your wisdom teeth should come into your mouth just like all other permanent molars that you have. If they’re crooked, the problem can be corrected with orthodontic treatment or removal of the teeth altogether.
  • They can be effectively cleaned during your day-to-day dental hygiene: Even though your wisdom teeth are located at the back of your mouth, you should still be able to clean them effectively. If they’re healthy enough for bacteria not to accumulate on them easily, you don’t have to remove these teeth.

How can I know when I need my wisdom teeth pulled out? Any Signs to Look for?

There are times when having all four wisdom teeth taken out simultaneously might be necessary. Your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore if;

  • If your jawbone can’t support the teeth: Even though wisdom teeth don’t have a specific period of eruption, a theory suggests that they should be taken out when they emerge or within six months after because the surrounding bone might not be dense enough to support them effectively.
  • To prevent an infection from spreading: Infections caused by wisdom teeth tend to spread into surrounding tissues quickly if left untreated. In such conditions, you need all four wisdom teeth extracted simultaneously for postoperative complications to be prevented and treated immediately while at their beginning stage.
  • The tooth is impacted: Impacted wisdom teeth grow sideways or wound around other structures like nerves and blood vessels. They’re the hardest to clean and pose a high risk for periodontal disease as well as damage to other teeth. In this case, your dentist might recommend the extraction of all four wisdom teeth rather than the impacted one.
  • The tooth has grown in partially: In some cases, a fully erupted wisdom tooth can be so misaligned with neighboring teeth that it creates a food trap that presents a high risk for decay. You need to have all four wisdom teeth extracted to prevent future decay from occurring in such cases.
  • Your wisdom teeth are causing pain: You should consider wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore if the wisdom teeth are causing you persistent pain, swelling, or bleeding.
  • Your wisdom tooth is stuck in the gum: In this case, wisdom tooth removal is recommended as soon as possible. If the tooth has been partially erupted from your gums but then gets stuck, you might be at risk of damaging nearby teeth and surrounding tissue if it’s not taken out immediately. Even though there may be no pain involved yet, bacteria could already be present in the gums, which could eventually lead to an infection – one that can be prevented or treated effectively if all four wisdom teeth are removed during the same surgical session.
  • Your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to erupt: Even though your wisdom teeth only appear in the late teens or early twenties, they should be fully developed by the age of sixteen. A lack of space for full eruption may mean that your wisdom teeth aren’t ready to come out and need to be removed before their development is complete.

What happens if you never get your Impacted Wisdom Teeth Pulled out?

While some patients may not need a wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore, it may not be a good idea to never get your impacted wisdom tooth pulled out after a recommendation by a qualified dentist. Ideally, you do not want to have to get multiple dental appointments and treatment, including multiple teeth fillings or tooth extraction later on because your wisdom tooth didn’t erupt properly.

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause other problems:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth may not break through the gums completely, remaining partially hidden under the gum or jawbone, making them difficult to clean. If this happens, you’re more likely to get periodontal disease and develop cavities (which is why your dentist will recommend access during regular checkups).
  • Impacted wisdom teeth could lead to damage of the root of other adjacent teeth resulting in fractures and loss of structural support for certain types of restorations like crowns and bridges over time. Your dentist might notice such conditions during regular checkups and recommend extraction to prevent the damage from getting worse.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth trapped underneath your gums may cause inflammation of the tissues surrounding them, resulting in chronic pain, swelling, and discomfort. You might need to wear a night guard or splint at night if you cannot handle the pain.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that aren’t fully erupted can become infected and spread bacteria to other areas inside your mouth, which increases your risk of developing gum disease (periodontitis). The infection will not go away without antibiotics, but there’s always a chance that it could return after treatment ends, usually ending up in more serious conditions such as osteomyelitis or even an abscess.

Final Words on Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore

Wisdom teeth tend to come into your mouth late during puberty and early twenties. They may not come out completely or at all, but the majority of patients will experience some level of discomfort if they’re impacted, which is why it’s important to seek dental care as soon as you can. This way, you can avoid permanent damage to adjacent teeth and surrounding tissues, save up on multiple dental appointments and treatment costs down the road, including multiple fillings and/or extractions later on if it becomes necessary.

So, based upon this knowledge, you should have a dentist take a look at your wisdom teeth during regular checkup appointments for two reasons – one, so they can examine them from time to time just in case any of them are impacted, and two, to determine if they need any treatment. Let us know if you have any concerns or questions regarding wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore. Call: +65 6475 1028.

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