Wisdom Teeth Surgery Singapore: Are there any Risks Associated with Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Wisdom teeth surgery is an effective way to solve problems related to wisdom teeth like pain, difficulty chewing, or persistent infections. However, like all procedures and treatments, it comes with risks that need to be addressed and minimized before the surgery. Find out more about wisdom teeth surgery in Singapore here.

To begin with, the most basic recommendation of minimizing the risks of wisdom teeth surgery in Singapore is making sure that you find a good dentist who has experience in this procedure. Ideally, it’s worth taking your time and researching the clinic before giving your consent for surgery.

As said before, wisdom teeth removal is an effective treatment but not without its risks. This blog post explores five risks that you need to know about or be aware of before giving your consent for a successful treatment.

1.     Dry Socket (Alveolar Osteitis)

This is one of the most common oral complications following wisdom teeth extraction. This happens when the blood clot fails to remain in the socket and gets dislodged, exposing the bone underneath, which causes severe pain and persistent bleeding.

The leading cause of this risk is the improper removal method used by the dentist, which can result in damage to surrounding tissue and nerves during surgery, but also many other factors could have an effect on it such as certain medical conditions, smoking, mouthwashes, or even post-operative discomfort caused by loose stitches.

To reduce that risk, make sure you fully follow your dentist’s instructions after surgery and try not to disturb the blood clot. After all, this treatment aims to prevent dry sockets by allowing the blood clot to stay in place for a few days.

2.     Pain and Swelling

You probably already expected this. However, there is some good news. Pain and Swelling are normal after wisdom teeth surgery but usually don’t last longer than a few hours or days.

However, if your wound is still bleeding after three days, starts swelling up, or you have severe pain that lasts more than 48 hours, then pay a visit to your dentist because it could indicate something else that needs proper attention. Thus, minimizing this risk means finding an experienced dentist that knows how to do his job properly and using anesthesia drugs during surgery, which will make you sleep through the whole procedure without feeling any pain whatsoever.

3.     Excessive Bleeding

This is another common side effect that may appear right after the wisdom teeth surgery in Singapore or during the healing process. It usually occurs due to multiple reasons like using anesthesia without the patient’s consent, pulling wisdom teeth using forceps during surgery, damage to surrounding tissue, or bleeding disorders. Although it usually goes away naturally or with the help of home remedies, make sure you follow your dentist’s instructions and don’t do anything that could make this side effect worse.

4.     Difficulty Opening the Mouth

Some patients who have wisdom teeth surgery in Singapore report finding it difficult to open their mouths because of swelling of the area around the jaw bone. This makes sense since surgeons can only extract some of the affected wisdom tooth, which causes some tension on nearby nerves and muscles, but unfortunately leaves others intact, thus resulting in muscle spasms even weeks after surgery. Minimize this risk by trying different therapies like using ice packs to reduce swelling and get relief from pain.

5.     Lip Numbness

It’s a common side effect that appears after wisdom tooth surgery due to damage of the nerve responsible for controlling sensation in your lips. Usually, this risk is minimized by using a combination of Lidocaine, fentanyl, and epinephrine during the surgery, which will reduce bleeding and numb the area around the wound. However, if you notice a complete loss of feeling in your lower lip after the procedure, then contact your dentist immediately.

Anything Else I can do to Minimize the Risks of Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Now that you know all about the possible risks involved in this procedure, it’s time to learn how to minimize them. First of all as hinted earlier, just like any other treatment, wisdom teeth surgery should only be performed by a fully qualified and experienced dentist.

Make sure that your surgeon is well-trained and has extensive knowledge of what they do because any mistake can potentially make this treatment more complicated or even dangerous for you. Second, check if the clinic offers different types of anesthesia drugs which are usually used during oral procedures to make you feel completely relaxed during the procedure without realizing when it started or when it ended. Lastly, find out what kind of materials are used for stitches because the last thing you want after successful wisdom teeth removal is having the stitches dissolve in the mouth, which may lead to infection.

What should you not do After Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

Although there are many things you can do to minimize the risk of complications after wisdom teeth surgery in Singapore, there are also some actions that should be avoided by all means. First of all, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking cigarettes because they can slow down the healing process and make your side effects even worse.

Second, avoid eating solid foods until your stitches dissolve because this could cause irritation in your gums, leading to infection. It will also help if you avoid chewing with the side where your wisdom teeth have been removed because it will cause a lot of pressure to build up in this area. Finally, don’t go back to having all the fun until you heal completely and do everything that’s in your power to speed up this process because it will definitely improve your overall experience after surgery.

In Closing

Are there any risks associated with Wisdom teeth surgery? The most straightforward answer is yes; just like every other treatment out there comes with side effects and risks that you need to be aware of before consenting to this procedure.

However, if performed by a qualified dentist using anesthesia drugs during surgery, you can minimize them by more than 90%. That’s why your goal should be finding the best dental clinic because it will make your recovery faster, thus allowing you to get back to everyday life sooner. Now that you know everything about wisdom teeth removal surgery, make sure you contact us today to make arrangements for your treatment. Call: +65 6475 1028.

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