Itchy Gums? Here are Possible Causes

Your mouth can experience a lot of sensations, from sharp pains to soreness. When you feel some discomfort in your mouth, it can be confusing to know what is going on and the reason you are experiencing it. Plus, the issue could come and go. One of the issues that you may come across in your mouth is itchy gum. If your gum is itching, any of the following could be causing it and make sure you get your mouth checked by your dentist immediately:


After you eat, sugar, bacteria, and food particle can form into plaque. While plaque can be removed by brushing your teeth, when it has been in your gums or teeth, it could infect and cause gum irritation. To avoid plaque from turning to tartar, make sure you brush your teeth two times every day. Also, plaque can form in between your teeth so floss your teeth at least once every day. Your dentist will surely tell you more information about how plaque develops and what you can do to avoid the development. Keep in mind that plaque can cause tartar which can destroy your teeth over time.

Gum Disease

There are a lot of signs of gum disease but itchiness is a common one, along with pain, bleeding, and swelling. Improving your oral hygiene routine and going to your dentist to diagnose your condition is necessary. You can get rid of the itchiness in your gums if the disease is treated.

Post-Surgery Itch

If you have undergone an oral surgery such as a wisdom tooth removal, it is normal to feel an itch in the area your dentist made an incision. Also, the itch tells that the area is in the healing process.  You can prevent this by rinsing with salt water but your dentist should be able to tell you some advice too.


Although seasonal allergies are known to affect the nose and eyes, they can also impact the gums. If you are allergic to pollen such as birth or ragweed, you might experience oral allergy syndrome. This allergy is usually caused by raw fruits, pollen, vegetables, or tree nuts. The itch is a result of your immune system recognizing these things’ proteins as harmful. If you have this kind of allergy, you may experience itchy lips, throat, and gums which may also swell. If you have food allergies, you may already know what an allergic reaction feels like.

Post Author: Angel Ethan