Ask These Questions to Your Endodontist Before Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

Often your dentist may suggest you to go for root canal procedure to treat your certain dental problem. However, before undergoing such root canal treatment, it is necessary that you must understand why your dentist is suggesting this kind of treatment.

Therefore, while you schedule your treatment at Montrose Family Dental clinic, ask the endodontist the following 5 questions.

  • What has really caused infection in my root canal?

In case, you know the basic reason for your infection in root canal system then not only you can decide viable treatment option, but also be careful in future so that such situation do not arise again.

  • Will this Root Canal procedure be absolutely necessary?

In case, your root canal has already been infected then you need to get it treated as the problem will not get resolved all by itself.

Otherwise, you may need to extract your tooth that no endodontist will ever recommend, as they will always look how they can save your natural tooth.

  • Will I be needing any extra treatment after this Root Canal procedure?

People who will need a crown will have to revisit their dentist to place it for full restoration of their tooth. By taking necessary care as recommended by your dentist, you can keep the restored tooth for lifetime.

However, if due to presence of bacteria in certain difficult to reach areas, improper healing may be possible. Also, due to certain salivary contamination present inside your tooth after the treatment, retreatment may be suggested.

In case, the tooth may not be salvageable then finally it can be extracted too.

  • Will the procedure be too painful?

Often people may be concerned about pain during root canal procedure and many patients are scared to ask their dentist this question, however, the answer can actually remove your worries to some extent.

The fact is that most patients may feel discomfort or mild pain during the procedure. Though there can be little pain after the procedure too, but patients will get relief with necessary pain medications.

  • When can I return back to my work?

Most people think that such root canal can always be very painful, and hence it will always worry them about the time it may take for full recovery.

Usually, most people can be fine and return back to their work on the very next day itself. However, you must ask this question and based on your type of job, the dentist may prescribe you necessary medications.

Post Author: Angel Ethan