Accidental fraud happens. Learn what you can do to avoid an accident:

How Your Practice Can Avoid Non-Intentional Dental Fraud

Accidental fraud happens. Learn what you can do to avoid an accident:

Dental health can directly affect an athlete’s performance. Learn how:

Poor Oral Health Can Mean No Olympic Medals

The life of an elite athlete means to win it all, you have to have it all: the talent, dedication, coaching and nutrition. After all, Michael Phelps didn’t win 18 Olympic gold medals just by wanting it. Success is marginally measured in the elite arena. Swimmers don’t shave until a competition in hopes of shearing mere milliseconds off their time. And just like skipping a day of training, poor oral health can be the difference between podium and last place.

DIY Tooth Fairy Bottle Delta Dental of Washington

Kids Craft: A “Fairy” Magical Tooth Bottle

Don’t let your child’s lost tooth get lost under the pillow! Celebrate everyone’s favorite tooth-collector with this DIY Tooth Fairy Bottle:

Small bathroom? Try one of these space-saving hacks.

7 Tiny Tips to Make Your Small Space Work

Tiny houses. Apartments. Vacation vehicles. Whether you’re renting or residing in reduced-size real estate, maximizing small spaces has become the post-recession preference.

Washington produces some great authors. Here are 6 to make us smile:

Grins from Every Genre: Washington Authors That’ll Make You Smile

Not only can reading promote intelligence and improve memory, it encourages empathy, reduces stress and leads to overall happiness.

Dragon boat racing is a thing! How to say safe if you try it:

How to Train Your Dragon (Boat)

Lake Union in the early summertime looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings. Dozens of dragons take to the water, each carrying 21 people and a drummer. But this isn’t a medieval fantasy—it’s dragon boat racing. Over the past decade, this ancient Chinese tradition has seen a spike in popularity, becoming the fastest growing team water sport in the world.

Losing your job isn’t easy. But getting coverage shouldn’t make things harder.

3 Benefit Options if You Lose Your Job

Whether you’ve been laid off or terminated, losing a job is stressful. Aside from income insecurity, you have health and dental insurance to worry about. Here are 3 options to consider during your employment transition:

Brunch can be good for you! Learn how to reap the benefits of this weekend tradition.

The Many Benefits of Brunch

You should never skip breakfast—unless of course it’s for brunch—then you should definitely skip it. Come Saturday morning, brunch takes over breakfast by stealing the “break” and dropping the “fast.” Brunch has bountiful benefits, but these are our favorites:

How exactly does insurance work? Use this infographic to help you understand.


Continue to clear up your insurance confusion with our Dental Benefits 103 Infographic:

Being on a plane can take a toll on your teeth. Learn how to cope until you reach your final destination!

3 Airplane Precautions for Pearly Whites

Travelers need to be organized—especially when it comes to teeth. So fasten your seatbelts and scan this safety card for your smile: