Gum disease can cause erectile dysfunction. Learn how to prevent it:

Gum Disease: A (Super) Man’s Kryptonite

If you’re familiar with DC comics, then you know kryptonite is Superman’s weakness. It takes away his powers, turning him into a mere mortal. Gum disease has a similar effect on the (super) men in our lives.

We just can’t get over the great designs of these dentist’s offices! Which is your favorite?

5 Dentists Offices That Will Make You Want More Cavities

We scoured the web for America’s most immaculate, mind-blowing dental office designs. From posh to playful, these practices will make you want to visit the dentist monthly. Our top 5 picks feature offices perfect for every age and personality. And if you are a Delta Dental member, these offices are all in-network! Find your dentist office design dream below:

Why are some people more prone to tooth decay? See what the experts say:

CAVITIES: Bad Luck or Bad Behavior?

When it comes to cavities, is bad luck or bad behavior to blame? Oral health experts agree—it’s a little of both. 

Need help using your dental benefits? Start with this game plan:

Life Hack: Organize Your Dental Benefits

We know. Organizing your dental coverage makes color-coding your closet sound like a dream. But if you have dental benefits, you should use them.

Here are 3 dental pioneers you should know about:

Pioneers of Dentistry: 3 Black Dentists Who Broke Barriers

In the late 17th century, African American patients had a tough time seeking proper dental care. And unfortunately, dentists of color were even harder to come by.

With Washington being #4 in the nation for cat lovers, it’s time we showed our feline’s teeth some love!

Cat Smiles Gone Viral: Teeth Tips for Pretty Kitties

Cats rule the online social sphere. Fluffy felines mesmerize with viral videos, laugh-out-loud GIFs and millions of memes. What is it about cats that make us smile from ear to ear? Cats captivate with their human-like facial expressions and body language, according to Mashable.

Match your orthodontia to your style! Use this guide:

The Ultimate Braces Style Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Encourage kids to go to the dentist without bribing them. Here’s how:

3 Bribe-Free Ways to Get Your Kids to the Dentist

Which trip would you have an easier time announcing to your kids: Disney or the dentist? We bet we know the answer.

Their smile is growing up! 4 tips your tooth-losing tot:

Bye-Bye Baby Teeth: A Loose Tooth Guide

From first wiggles to gap-toothed giggles, losing teeth is a mouth’s coming-of-age story. Baby teeth falling out means your little one is growing up (*cue the tears*). It’s been a while since you put a tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy — what can you expect the second time around? Let us refresh your memory:

Staying in tonight? Spice it up with these healthy aphrodisiacs!

Tooth-Healthy Foods to Get You in the Mood

Though food aphrodisiacs are mostly myth, there are some truths behind the traditions. For instance, food can awaken the senses. Certain foods can elicit romantic memories, and the act of eating can suggest steamy situations to the mind.