3 ways to help your family enjoy summer without sacrificing their smile:

3 Secrets to Summer Schedules

“I need a vacation,” said no dental routine ever.

But you and your family do need a break. Fortunately, school is out for summer! From family road trips to sports and sleepovers, kids have the freedom to enjoy a much-needed vacation.

Summer break is the prime time to send every family member to the dentist. Why?

Healthy Smile Hack: Summer Dentist Appointments

Recognize this short list of smart strategies?

•   Arrive at the DMV the minute it opens.
•   Buy next year’s holiday decorations the day after Christmas.
•   Cook meals in bulk and freeze the rest.

Well, here’s another life hack: Schedule a dentist appointment this summer. Summer break is the prime time to send every family member to the dentist. Why?

Delta Dental of Washington's favorite tooth-healthy trail snacks

Tooth-Healthy Treats for Happy Trails

The time is now, Washington! Enjoy the summer sunshine and take advantage of our endless activities and hiking trails.

To protect your smile, try these tooth-friendly trail snacks for a nutritious power-punch, packed with protein.

No one wants a knocked-out tooth, but it can happen. Expect the unexpected! In case of (dental) emergency:

Dental 911! Coverage and an After-Hours Emergency

No one wishes for a knocked-out tooth. But the truth is – it can happen. Expect the unexpected! In case of (dental) emergency:

Dad can benefit from grin-enhancing gifts, but does he actually want them? Yes. Here are 3 unconventional gifts for dad:

Father’s Day Gifts Guaranteed to Delight Dad

With Mother’s Day behind us, it’s time for dads to take center stage on the parental performance. Don’t take the easy road with another tie or set of BBQ tools – give him something for his smile! Why not?

Parenting a teenager can be tricky. Try to remember teens are expected to take risks. Guide them to take the right ones.

Teens and the Advantages of Risk-taking

If you think your teenager is over dramatic, you’re probably right: brain changes during adolescence may explain increased emotions and risk-taking.

What's in a smile? Learn more with our latest infographic.

The Ultimate Smile Infographic

June is National Smile Month and we’re giddy with grins! All of this smiling has us wondering…

  • Do all smiles mean the same thing?
  • Why didn’t people smile in old pictures?
  • Are there any benefits to smiling?

Need an excuse to hit the trails? June 4th is National Trails Day and we have the perfect hike for you:

Perfect Paths for National Trails Day

Washington’s sunny weather and lush landscapes make us want to lace up our hiking boots, strap on our backpacks and hit the trails! Perfect timing – June 4th is National Trails Day. With so many beautiful trails, it’s hard to pick just one.

Here are some of our favorites:

For miles of healthy smiles, add these items to your road trip checklist before you back out of the driveway:

Road Trip Tips for Miles of Healthy Smiles

Summer is just around the corner!  Sunshine, warm weather, no school, and peak travel season are almost here.  

Wedding season is in full swing! Here’s how to ensure an aisle-worthy smile:

Smile Down the Aisle this Wedding Season [INFOGRAPHIC]

Wedding bells are ringing. Whether you’re the bride to be or it’s your best friend’s big day, wedding season is in full swing!