The perfect fall weather deserves the perfect fall drink. Try this recipe:

Pumpkin Spice Fever? We Have the Cure!

Fall means more than crisp air and crunchy leaves — it also means pumpkin spice lattes!

We love warming up with this seasonal favorite, but the version found at most coffee shops doesn’t quite cozy up to teeth. This autumn treat is loaded with sugar — up to 50 grams per cup! And consuming high amounts of sugar feeds the bacteria that cause plaque, which can form cavities.

 So what’s a pumpkin spice-loving smile to do?

Feeling crafty this Halloween? Try your hand at these tooth-friendly costumes!

DIY Halloween Costumes for Spooky Smiles

Picking the perfect Halloween costume for your kids can be a struggle. Do you want them to be scary or sweet? In case you’re feeling crafty, here are 2 clever costumes to DIY this year:


Need to access your claim? Follow these three easy steps!

Navigate Your Claim in 3 Easy Steps

Going to the dentist is hard enough. From taking time off of work to scheduling follow-up appointments, the last thing you need to worry about is the status of your benefit claim.

That’s why we make it easy. Here are our tips for navigating your claim:

Love fall? Check out some of our favorite tooth-friendly traditions!

5 Traditions to Fall for this Autumn

Many would argue that everything is better in autumn. Football fans come out of hibernation, crunchy leaves excite the senses, and pumpkin lattes comfort the soul. Celebrate the season with these 5 spins on traditional fall favorites:

age gracefully

5 Habits to Help Your Grin Age with Grace

As we age, things about our bodies may start to “shift” a bit. And though it may be less noticeable, the same may be true of our teeth.

As we get older, our smile becomes even more important. Not only are our kids—and grandkids—counting on it, but a healthy grin is a good indicator of overall health.

Celiac Disease can cause tooth discoloration and canker sores. Find out how to alleviate these mouth conditions.

Gluten-Free Grins: 3 Teeth Tips for Celiac Disease

Ah, the life of a celiac. Bread is your worst enemy and most coveted desire. Going “gluten-free” isn’t a fad for you — it’s your life.

Smoothie goodness

3 Breakfast Smoothies for Sunrise Smiles

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. It kick-starts your metabolism and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Do you know what a dental hygienist uses to clean your teeth? Read to find out!

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty: Dental Hygienist Tools

When it comes to your dental cleaning, you probably know what to expect. If you were to put your checkup into words, it would probably sound something like this:

Pointy metal thingamabob.


Do you know if your patient is covered? Let us help you determine their eligibility.

Tips for Dentists: How to Check Patient Benefits and Eligibility

We have an easy way for you to check your patient’s benefits and eligibility. Simply:

1.  Sign into the secure Dentist page of our website.

Children portrait

4 Ways to Nail School Picture Day

The school year is just a few weeks away! New haircuts and freshly pressed clothes are gearing up for picture day!

Closed eyes, forced smile, squinty face are all familiar photography faux pas. Skip the smile skepticism! With a little coaching and a pinch of parental prep, your child’s “say cheese” can be accident-free: