When you travel, be prepared for everything…including a dental emergency.

How to Use Dental Benefits Abroad

From currency and cuisine to electrical outlets and hand gestures, traveling outside of the U.S. is, well—different. And your insurance is no exception. Fortunately, just like your jetlag, coverage can come with you overseas. Many dental benefit plans cover at least some portion of dental emergencies.*

You love to see them smile. Tips for dementia caregivers:

Dental Care Tips for Dementia Caregivers

Today, nearly 50 million Americans live with dementia. With symptoms like forgetfulness, limited social skills, and impaired thinking abilities—dementia greatly impacts daily life—including oral health care.

A Tooth-Healthy Donut Recipe Video

This Donut Recipe Will Make Your Grin Go-Nuts [VIDEO]

Chocolate, peanut butter, caramel — OH MY! This delicious donut doesn’t sound very tooth-friendly. But we promise it is.

What do you know really know about your wisdom teeth?

4 Things You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

85% of people get their wisdom teeth extracted at some point in their lifetime. In the past decade, the wisdom on wisdom teeth has advanced. Though some things have stayed the same, a lot has changed. Here’s what you need to know:

Put on your dancing shoes and dancing smile with these jams!

Top Smile Songs Proven By Science

Music is powerful. It has the ability to make us cry, feel nostalgic and smile ear-to-ear. But what is it about Taylor Swift songs that we just can’t shake off? Even if you despise her, you can’t help but smile when you hear those infectious lyrics. Saturday Night Live gets it:

These common summer activities may have serious dental health consequences!

3 Surprising Summer Staples That Can Damage Your Smile

We’ve heard it all before: “Summer’s sugary treats can harm teeth” and “Running on a pool deck can result in dental disaster.” However, there are other summer staples that can damage your smile if you’re not careful. Watch out for these 3 not-so-predictable smile pitfalls this summer:

You have a right to a second opinion. Things to consider beforehand:

3 Must-Dos Before You Get a Second Opinion

An unconventional outfit choice. A serious diagnosis like oral cancer. Repeat dental work to fix the same problem. High treatment costs. They’re all examples of when you may want a second opinion.

When it comes to the health of your smile, you’re entitled to the best dental care possible.

Here are 3 tips to help when your unsure about a dental procedure and are considering a second opinion:

May The Teeth Be With You—Behind The Scenes Star Wars Trivia

May the Teeth Be With You: Behind the Scenes Star Wars Trivia

The award-winning Star Wars franchise has some serious bite. Literally. So listen up, saga super fans—you may learn something new.

Oral care can now be delivered right to your door!

Oral Health On-Demand is a Thing Now. Here’s Why:

Netflix was the birth of delivery-on-demand. Fast-forward to 2K16 and you’ll find there’s a box subscription for every niche. Oral health (which is way more important than monthly nail polishes) has joined that army of recurring delivery services. So yes—we’re all for at-home oral health care on demand. Here’s why:

Your kids are ready to leave for college…almost. Here’s one thing you may have forgotten:

1 Last Task Before You Become An Empty Nester

With 18 years of school behind them and summer ahead of them, we’re willing to bet your kids are more concerned with a healthy tan than health insurance. That’s where you come in.