A lesson to share for Christmas morning

The Cavity After Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas, elves and reindeer relaxed;

They worked hard this 25th, and the days before that.

While the North Pole snoozed, Santa sat wide-awake;

But why wasn’t St. Nick taking his much-needed break?

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Find the perfect snack to match!

3 Healthy Party Pairings: Smile-Worthy Inspirations From Holiday Film Favorites


‘Tis the season for soirees! 74% of people think they have too many parties to attend during the holiday season. Make your party stand out!

Shop with a smile this holiday season! Here are some great tips.

Holiday Smile Steals

All you want for Christmas is a good deal. And with so many gifts to give, it can be tough to snag a steal. Smile through stress with these 3 shopping secrets (you’ll want to check this list twice):

Advice to keep your smile healthy while you’re expecting your bundle-of-joy!

3 Pregnancy Dental Health Tips You Weren’t Expecting

Back pain, morning sickness, fatigue, hunger — it’s hard to know exactly what to expect when you’re expecting. Tooth troubles may seem secondary to other symptoms, but they matter more than you realize. Here’s how to keep your smile glowing throughout your pregnancy:

If the weather outside is frightful, the morning commute won’t be delightful. Make sure your office is prepared:

Emergency Preparedness for Your Dental Office

According to a survey from Traveler’s Insurance, only 46% of small businesses have a plan that covers business operations in bad weather even though they’re essential.  Fortunately, an emergency preparedness plan is easy to create once you know what they entail. 

NCAA basketball players need to protect their grin. Read why:

Guarding Gonzaga Grins: Protect your smile on and off the court

It’s basketball season and we can’t wait to see our collegiate champions, Gonzaga, play. If you’re like our elite eight, follow these tips to protect your smile on and off the court:

Wine lovers rejoice! Tips to sip and smile:

An Epicurean Guide to Tooth-Friendly Wine

Wine may be the nectar of the gods but it wreaks havoc on teeth. The acidity in wine damages enamel, eventually leading to tooth decay.

So what’s a vintner’s smile to do? Sip responsibly with these 3 tips:

The holidays will be here sooner than you can say “dinner is served!” Learn how to be a stress-free host:

How to Become the Holiday Host with the Most

You don’t have to be Greg Focker to know family gatherings can get a little stressful — especially if you happen to be this year’s holiday host.

There’s no doubt the season is filled with celebration and merriment, but almost all Americans — 90%, to be exact — say they dread some aspect of the holidays.

Complete your holiday feast with these 5 tooth-friendly side dishes!

Move Aside, Turkey: 5 Sides that Steal the Show

Whether it’s ham, hens or good ‘ole fashioned turkey, meat shines as the holiday table showstopper.

Not this year! Meat, step aside for sides. It’s time for these dishes to take center stage.

Here is our definitive ranking of traditional dishes — all featuring tooth-healthy twists for a festive feast. Warning: Nostalgia is imminent.

Losing your teeth is the third most common dream. Learn what it’s all about:

Teeth Falling Out in Your Sleep: The Common Dream Decoded

Everyone eats. Everyone drinks. Everyone sleeps.

And everyone dreams.