using your dental benefits out of state

Using Dental Benefits Out of State: A Go-To Guide

Thanksgiving marks the unofficial start of the holiday season, as well as the busiest travel time of the year. If you’re one of the many Americans traveling to spend time with loved ones, you’re probably already in planning mode.

top 3 reasons your teeth love thanksgiving

Top 3 Reasons Your Teeth Love Turkey Day

Family, fellowship and food are just a few of the reasons why we love Thanksgiving. While the food may be flowing at the Turkey Day table, the smiles are too! Believe it or not, your teeth love Thanksgiving just as much as you. Here are the Top 3 Reasons Your Teeth Love Turkey Day:

Dental Benefit Basics - Common Terms Defined

Dental Benefit Basics: Common Terms Defined

If dental benefit terms confuse you, you’re in good company. A 2013 survey found that 51 percent of U.S. adults were unable to accurately identify common health insurance terms. In order to better understand dental benefits, it’s important to start with the basics. That’s why we’re breaking down 4 commonly confused dental definitions – plain and simple.

ease pregnancy symptoms

Turn Pregnancy Symptoms into a Smile

Did you just find out you’re pregnant? If so, congratulations on your bouncing baby to be! If you’re still trying, this month may be the time for you. According to a recent study conducted by the CDC, November is the month of the year women are most likely to get pregnant.

GrinsGiving DDWA

Happy #GrinsGiving!

Every year around turkey time, we’re asked, “What are you thankful for?” There are plenty of reasons to give thanks, but we want to know what makes you smile this Thanksgiving season. Is there a family tradition that makes you grin? What about a delicious dish?

the benefits of perfect posture

Something to Smile About: The Positives of Perfect Posture

Slouchy may be a good look for boots and boyfriend jeans, but it’s not a good look for your posture. Standing or sitting in the right position affects more than your looks – it can impact your body and smile.

Get A Closer Look for X-Ray Day

X Ray Day Infographic 01 384x1024 Get A Closer Look for X Ray Day

On November 8th, we celebrate the anniversary of X-ray’s discovery, also known as X-Ray Day.

pumpkin smoothie

A Smile-Worthy Smoothie Recipe

Starbucks has given us a dream called the Pumpkin Spice Latte. While the drink is divine, it’s laden with sugar and contributes to those pesky stains on your teeth. Get your pumpkin fix without harming your teeth – whip up this fantastic pumpkin pie smoothie

6 Healthy Halloween Treats

As a dental benefits company, we obviously care a great deal about oral health and we know candy isn’t exactly the best thing for your teeth. But who are we to deprive kids of Halloween treats?

various chocolate pralines

Treat Yourself: It’s National Chocolate Day!

Everything’s better with chocolate…especially today for National Chocolate Day!