Do you know if your patient is covered? Let us help you determine their eligibility.

Tips for Dentists: How to Check Patient Benefits and Eligibility

We have an easy way for you to check your patient’s benefits and eligibility. Simply:

1.  Sign into the secure Dentist page of our website.

Children portrait

4 Ways to Nail School Picture Day

The school year is just a few weeks away! New haircuts and freshly pressed clothes are gearing up for picture day!

Closed eyes, forced smile, squinty face are all familiar photography faux pas. Skip the smile skepticism! With a little coaching and a pinch of parental prep, your child’s “say cheese” can be accident-free:

Your teen might find it hard to smile with braces. These tips will help get their braces off faster!

Get Their Braces Off Faster: 3 Tips for Parents

Imagine trying to speak correctly and continually getting your words twisted.

No, this is not the Brian Williams story.

Aging out of your parents’ health plan doesn’t have to be daunting. Learn about your options.

26 and Uninsured: 5 Options After You Age Out Your Parents’ Plan

Birthdays often mark major milestones: Driver’s license at 16, voter registration at 18, your first legal drink at 21…

…and getting kicked off of your parents’ health insurance at 26.

Some of your beverage choices can be bad choices for your teeth. Try some of these tooth-friendly alternatives!

May the Force Be With You: Dark Drinks and Your Smile

Starbucks offers more than 80,000 drink options — And that’s just one chain! From coffee shops to supermarkets, thousands of beverage choices surround us everyday. There’s a drink for every time and occasion.

It’s no surprise then that we struggle to choose the best beverage – one that pleases our palates and nourishes our bodies.

Now that the kids are back-to-school, here are some snack ideas to keep them performing their best!

After-School Snacks for Every Schedule

Back-to-school season signals sports, schedules and one other important staple — snacks.

If you hear, “I’m hungry!” the second your child hops in the car, you’re in good company. It’s common for kids to have an appetite after school. School-aged children eat early in the day, oftentimes before noon. It’s no wonder they crave mid-afternoon munchies!

Delta Dental of Washington - Senior Couple

Happy Birthday, National Parks! 4 Washington Wonders to Explore

Happy Birthday to some of the most beautiful parks in the nation! August 25th marks the 99th birthday of our National Parks. And, in honor of this monumental celebration, all park admissions are free! Check out these Washington wonders for a smile-worthy and scenic day:

Daily hydration is essential, but it isn’t always easy to meet your requirement. These water tips can help!

8 Ways to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Water is essential. It comprises 60% of our bodies.  Every body system depends on it—even our smiles. It promotes a moist environment for our mouth and throat, flushes away toxins and helps us feel (and look) our best.

Dental emergencies can damper anyone’s water vacation. Make sure you’re taking care of your teeth before your trip:

4 Tooth Tips for Smooth Sailing

Sailing is one of Washington’s peak adventures Are you prepared for unexpected dental emergencies on the water?

Here are some common sea-fairing dental emergencies and tips to keep your smile healthy: 

Let us help you understand every word of your insurance plan. Use this infographic to navigate the most commonly used terms!

Dental Benefits 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The ins and outs of benefits can be awfully confusing, so we’re breaking down the lingo with this easy-to-follow infographic.